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Welcome to website of our small cattery. We have cats in our household since 2001. During 2018 we have to say goodbye to our beloved furry balls (EC Baltimoor Teddy Star *CZ 17 let) and (EC Honey Girl Bazan *UA 16 let), but our home is incomplete and empty withnout them. Because of that we decide to buy ................. with Genry Valley Tuberose *RU and renew our cattery.

   Honey    Baltimoor
The Ragdoll breed ranks among medium-sized breeds with long hair. The longest coat grows on the neck, the shortest on the head. Their coat is very dense, silky soft and does not tend to plummet. Kittens are mostly pure white after birth, but after a few weeks they begin to color. Hair coloring ends at 4 years, when their physical development is ended. They are massive muscular cats with silky hair. The body of these cats is a powerful impression. Cats weigh only 4-7 kg. The cats between 7-10 kg and the length of the cats can reach up to one meter. Their eyes are dark blue. They are extremely friendly in nature, seek contact and are very friendly. Ragdoll are very friendly to people, they love to cuddle, they are extremely friendly, playful, social and curious. They do well with other cats.
............(RAG а 04)

Date of birth: ...........
Father: – .............(RAG n 03)
Mother: – ........... (RAG a 04)

Genry Valley Tuberose *RU (RAG а 04)

Date of birth: 24. 11. 2018
Father: – Ch Ragbarby Cute Boy (RAG a 03)
Mother: – IC Xamanta GF AzragBey *CZ (RAG a 04)

Henry - two months old.
Henry's new favourite spot
Showtime achievements

So far, we have not attended any exhibitions, but we plan to do so.

Kontakt na nás

Petr Nehera
Fibichova 1548
Rychnov nad Kněžnou
516 01

Sametová Tlapka, CZ
Petr Nehera; Fibichova 1548; Rychnov nad Kněžnou; 516 01; Czech Republic